Novell coffee capsules, a family-owned company rethinking its business model

The Best Practice Publication presents its third case study selected within the Circular Design project, which is focused on Novell and its sustainable coffee capsules. From the start Novell’s compostable capsule was designed in the shape of a circular system. This required great efforts in finding the right materials that both portrayed the philosophy of the company but also withstood the conditions which capsules must endure. Thus, finding the appropriate suppliers became essential. This project was innovative in the sector and very ambitious, so picking the right travel companions was strategic.

The Novell compostable coffee capsules allowed the company to reach other markets besides the Horeca one (food service industry), with capsules that are being sold in some of the biggest retail chains all over Spain and soon around Europe. Similarly to other Novell products, businesses purchase the capsules online or from Novell’s customer service, which has enabled Novell to introduce their product into big corporations or public administrations that want to reduce the impact of the coffee their workers drink, with a solution that is sustainable, innovative and with a great quality-price relation. All in all, Novell reached mass market by offering a product that also fits well within a responsible purchase criteria in response to the growing numbers of consumers who are worried about the impact of the products they buy.

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Download the Novell case study and learn about the whole design process, materials, challenges, problems and other key issues that led the Catalan company to get one of the best circular design practices.

The Best Practice Publication, led by the design studio Nutcreatives in collaboration with the other partners of the Circular Design project, will be completed with other case studies within sectors like technology, furniture, clothing, lighting or packaging, to demonstrate that circular design strategies can be applied to improve the efficiency of almost every system.



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