Deterra by Tierra. World’s First 100% Bio-Based and fossil-free technical Jacket

Deterra is the first 100% bio-based technical jacket. Tierra, the company behind it, firmly believes that every step contributes to change the world and that through material choice and simple manufacturing decisions, anyone can greatly influence a product’s environmental impact. In their design process they prioritised the implementation of circular design strategies, such as longevity of the product and an accurate research and application of materials, all while considering how it will be used. 

Their biggest innovation has been the creation and the detection of these complex network materials which involve very different actors and organizations. They have demonstrated that bio-based materials are able to meet the most demanding requirements. 

Do you want to learn more about the Deterra jackets?

Download the Deterra jackets case study and learn about the whole design process, materials, challenges, problems, etc. The Best Practice Publication, led by Tierra in collaboration with the other partners of the Circular Design project, will be completed with other case studies within sectors like technology, furniture, clothing, lighting or packaging, to demonstrate that circular design strategies can be applied to improve the efficiency of almost every system.



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