100% Open Innovation Toolkit

“This 30-piece toolkit covers the whole open innovation journey from setting a strategy for collaboration to implementing mutually beneficial business models. It helps to make the case for open innovation and shows how to co-create or crowdsource relevant ideas, prototype the best ones and construct strong partnerships.” from¬†100% Open Innovation website.

This toolkit offers different tools and techniques for seven different open innovation phases:

  1. Define Your Open Innovation Strategy
  2. Prepare for Collaboration
  3. Find Unmet Needs
  4. Discover New Ideas
  5. Convene Collaborative Workshops
  6. Prototype New Products and Services
  7. Build Business Partnerships

Creator: 100% Open Year: n.d.

External Links:

  1. 100% Open Innovation Toolkit [requires sign-up]

Reference# 03.01.01

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