8 Business cases for the circular economy

“The macro-opportunities associated with implementing the circular economy are clear. Now, companies need to know how circularity will impact their business as well as specific industry or sector opportunities.

Summarizing the results of over 100 interviews and survey responses, WBCSD identified eight business cases managers can use to justify circular economy practices across the board

  • Gener8: create additional revenue from existing products and processes
  • Innov8: spur innovation of new products and services
  • Moder8: reduce operating costs
  • Captiv8: engage customers and employees
  • Differenti8: distinguish from competition
  • Integr8: align with corporate strategy or mission
  • Acclim8: adapt business models and value chain relationships
  • Insul8: mitigate linear risk exposure” from WBCSD website

Creator: World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Year: 2017

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  1. 8 Business cases for the circular economy

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