Best Practice Examples of Circular Business Models

“Best practice examples of circular business models are presented in this report. The purpose is to inform and inspire interested readers, in particular companies that aspire to examine the potentials of the circular economy. Circular business models in two different sectors are examined, namely the textile and clothing sector as well as the durable goods sector. In order to appreciate the notion of circular business models, the basics of the circular economy are outlined along with three frameworks for categorizing the various types of circular business models. The frameworks take point of departure in resource loops, value bases and business model archetypes respectively, and they are applied for analysing and organizing the business models that are presented throughout the report.” from Best Practice Examples of Circular Business Models Summary section. 

Creators: Eva Guldmann, University of Aalborg & The Danish Environmental Protection Agency Year: 2016

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  1. Best Practice Examples of Circular Business Models

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