Circular by Design: Products in the circular economy

“This report explores the circular economy from a product perspective, applying a systemic approach and transition theory. Drivers of product design and usage are discussed in the context of emerging consumption trends and business models. For governance to be effective, it has to address the product life-cycle and the societal context determining it. Indicators and assessment tools
will be needed to fill the current data and knowledge gaps.”

This report has four main heading: the challenge of product circularity, transforming production and consumption systems, product trends and their implications, and enablers. It provides valuable insights into the product design process, and its annex (Annex 1 – Assessing progress) provides a handy tool for assessing design projects.

Creators: European Environment Agency, Mieke De Schoenmakere, Jeroen Gillabel Year: 2017

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  1. Circular by Design: Products in the circular economy

Reference # 03.02.03

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