Circular Economy Toolkit: Resources for an Evolving World

“With the vast number of possibilities for creating value out of the Circular Economy and cradle-to-cradle thinking, it can be challenging to assess all the options. The Circular Economy Toolkit has consolidated all the opportunities and provided information on how your company could start finding benefits. Read through the toolkit, complete the 5 minute opportunity assessment tool and run your own workshop to start creating more valuable and sustainable products and services.” from Circular Economy Toolkit website.

This toolkit offers an assessment tool to find out opportunities in current businesses for core circular economy strategies. It also offers workshop materials (i.e. presentations, facilitator’s guide and facilitator feedback forms) so that everyone can run a workshop using the assessment tool in their companies.

Creators: Jamie Evans, Dr. Nancy Bocken (Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge) Year: 2013

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  1. Circular Economy Toolkit: Resources for an Evolving World

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