Design Method Toolkit

“The MediaLAB Amsterdam Design Method Toolkit enables you to get started and enrich your design process. A collection of design and research methods: categorised to help you select, time based to help you plan. Plan and execute your design research, ideation, experimentation and creation within short iterations. Detailed task-based descriptions help teams divide and assign tasks between team members. This makes the Design Method Toolkit perfect for lean, agile environments and multidisciplinary teams. Use the Design Method Toolkit in combination with the DMT Plan Board, your Scrum Board and experience it’s full potential!” from Media Lab Amsterdam website

The methods are categorized according to Research methods and Create methods, and further categorized according to five purposes: (1) Know User, (2) Define Intentions, (3) Frame Insights, (4) Ideation & Concepts, and (5) Prototype & Test. The database enables filtering according to these categories as well as the amount to time required to implement the methods.

Creator: Media Lab Amsterdam Year: n/d

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  1. Design Method Toolkit

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