Human-Centered Design (HCD) Toolkit

“[This toolkit] contains the elements to Human-Centered Design, a process used for decades to create new solutions for multi-national corporations. This process has created ideas such as the HeartStart defibrillator, CleanWell natural antibacterial products, and the Blood Donor System for the Red Cross—innovations that have enhanced the lives of millions of people. Now Human-Centered Design can help you enhance the lives of people living on less than $2/day. This process has been specially-adapted for organizations like yours that work with communities in need in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Human-Centered Design (HCD) will help you hear the needs of constituents in new ways, create innovative solutions to meet these needs, and deliver solutions with financial sustainability in mind” from HCD Toolkit

The Toolkit is divided into three sections: Hear – focusing on research tools and techniques, Create – focusing on tools for idea-generation, and Deliver – focusing on tools for the realisation of those ideas. In 2015, the Design Kit website was launched by IDEO, as a continuation of this project.

Creator: IDEO Year: 2011

External Link:

  1. Human-centered Design Toolkit
  2. Design Kit: The Human-Centered Design Toolkit website

Reference 02.02.04

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