Materiom: Nature’s Recipe Book

Make materials in your kitchen, Fab Lab or Makerspace. Our recipes use locally abundant natural ingredients and life-friendly chemistry. Plastics and composites you can cook on the stove, mold, laser cut, and 3D print. Design products to be part of a circular economy using data on material performance. Join our community of designers, scientists, engineers and artists who develop, test, and locally adapt our open source recipes.

Materiom is a non-profit working at the intersection of design, digital fabrication, ecology, and material science. We believe this multidisciplinary and collaborative approach is the key to unlocking a 21st century materials economy that is regenerative by design.” from Materiom website.

Creator: Materiom Year: 2018

External Links:

  1. Materiom About Us Page
  2. Materiom Material Library 

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