Models for Impact: The Business Model Design Game

“Models of Impact is a role-playing and ideation game that makes it easy (and fun!) to generate new, sustainable, business models. Our digital download is available on a pay-what-you-want basis, and includes easy-to-understand instructions for gameplay, a glossary of 200+ business models, and a suite of other helpful resources. Model of Impact walks players through a series of activities in order to simulate the process of ideating and launching a social enterprise in just four steps: LEARN, INVENT, PROGRAM, and REPORT.

Models of Impact is designed for executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, and educators working across the private, social, and public sectors. The game is easy to understand, and is a great tool for introducing teams to a range of innovative business models, inspiring new programs and initiatives within your business or organization, providing a new framework for strategic planning, guiding the process of ideating new products and services, and even just getting your team to think differently. Our pay-what-you-want digital download includes everything you need to facilitate the entire process. ” from Models of Impact website

Creator: Matthew Manos, verynice Year: n.d.

External Links:

  1. Models for Impact website
  2. Models for Impact V:3.0 Download [donation-based download]
  3. Models for Impact Sustainability Expansion Pack

Reference# 03.01.10

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