OECD Better Life Index

This is a first attempt to bring together internationally comparable measures of well-being. It aims to address concerns that standard macroeconomic statistics like GDP failed to give a true account of people’s current and future well-being. A better understanding of people’s well‑being is central to developing better policies for better lives. Well‑being is multidimensional, covering aspects of life ranging from civic engagement to housing, from household income to work‑life balance, and from skills to health status. A thorough assessment of whether life is getting better requires a wide range of metrics, captured on a human scale, and able to reflect the diverse experiences of people. That is what this report aims to supply. This index is in this OER database, as it includes concerns of sustainability, like environment and environmental health. The index is routinely updated to include the latest data on countries.

Creator: OECD Year: 2011

  1. OECD Better Life Index

Reference# 01.02.03

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