Okala Practitioner Guide

“Product designers, architects, interior designers, and graphic designers are particularly influential in design decisions that affect our limited resources and the quality of our shared habitat. The new 2014 Okala Practitioner guide is organized for working designers, educators, and students in all design disciplines with practical methods for designing products, services and systems with low impacts to ecological health and human health.

Ecological design takes a holistic view of products and services, attending to the complete range of environmental impacts over the full cycle, from material extraction to end-of-life. Systemic tools such as the Ecodesign Strategy Wheel and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) help designers see the wider view and manage a depth of information to steer their work towards more ecologically responsible designs and ways of living.” from OKALA website.

Creators: Philip White, Louise St. Pierre, Steve Belletire Year: 2014

External Links:

  1. Okala Practitioner Website
  2. Okala Educational Presentations
  3. Okala Ecodesign Strategy Wheel 

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  1. The Okala manual stands out as it combines structured well-thoughthrough content on ecodesign with a pleasing graphical presentation. Not a common combination in eco-design teaching material, sadly.
    Might be a bit dated by now.
    Mainly suited for introductory level.

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