Sea2see – A change agent in the eyewear industry

This is a case study prepared as a part of Circular Design – Learning for Innovative Design for Sustainability, led by the design studio Nutcreatives in collaboration with the other partners that integrate the Circular Design project. Sea2See is a change agent in the eyewear industry that is determined to face a very serious threat for our environment: the islands of waste created by the fishing nets thrown away in the ocean that trap hundreds of thousands of sea mammals and fish. Plastic is also ingested by aquatic animals, such as sea turtles, who mistake it for viable food. They have become a huge environmental problem in our oceans.

Sea2see is a company based in Barcelona that produces sustainable eyewear made 100% with recycled fishing nets collected in collaboration with fishermen. One of their main goals is to create awareness about ocean contamination and prove that circular economy in the fashion industry is possible. Their biggest innovation is the creation of a complex network of very different actors and organizations that allows recycling something that was not being recycled before and has a high environmental impact (i.e. fishing nets), and getting a product with a big added value – the glasses – as a result. With no doubt, Sea2see is an example that demonstrates that every sector can be an agent of change for circular economy.

Creator: Nutcreatives, Circular Design – Learning for Innovative Design for Sustainability Year: 2018

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