Business, Services, Policies Section Explained

In this section, you will find guides to build sustainable services and business shaped around sustainable design solutions, regulations that need to be taken into account, and tools for assessing the effectiveness of design projects with those services.

5.1. Making a business case for Circular Design: This section presents tools and methods to develop your sustainable business model, and present some example business cases to show how businesses and services can be built in real life.

5.2. Regulations related to Circular Design: You can find a compilation of existing regulations and actions in EU regarding design for sustainability. This is by no means a complete list, however, you can get to know what businesses need to abide by with respect to design for sustainability.

5.3. Measuring the effectiveness of Circular Design projects: In this section, you will find assessment tools for your services/businesses with respect to sustainability. The assessment tools presented here aim to understand the material flows, stakeholder interactions and closing the loop in many other aspects

5.4. Best Practice / Services and Businesses: Examples from Best Practice Publications and other reports provided by companies all around the world.

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