Value Recapture Brainwriting

Value Recapture Brainwriting is a tool to facilitate a quick brainwriting exercise, where your team can draw and write down ideas and share them with each other. With the supporting 1-minute Vision Statement Pitch, the team can present their developed ideas at the end of brainwriting session and initiate an assessment of best ideas.

Value Recapture Brainwriting Steps: 

  1. Download the Value Recapture Brainwriting worksheet through the download button below, and print it two-sided on A3s. Print as many as you need according to the number of participants.
  2. Fold the paper from the dashed lines.
  3. Start with the face labelled as 1 [one].
  4. Sketch and briefly explain an idea in 5 mins
  5. Write down your value recapture strategy (e.g. reuse)
  6. Write down your design consideration (e.g. durability)
  7. Hand it over to the next person
  8. Next person develops your idea with a new strategy
  9. Continue until all four faces are complete.
  10. The original owner of the idea reviews the final version and prepares a 1-minute Vision Statement Pitch using the relevant worksheet (should be printed on A4s and cut in half).

Creators: Yekta Bakırlıoğlu, Muireann McMahon, University of Limerick Year: 2019

Reference# cfoer.02.03.04


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