House of Design

House of Design is a platform for professional design. HoD stimulates the innovative strength of designers and presents this to SMEs, gouvernment and public. Therefor we initiate and organise projects, national and international. We aim for sustainable and innovative solutions.

House of Design works from the opinion that professional designers have the tools to make the world future proof. Because of their inventiveness they are the base of a sustainable community. Design nowadays, is more than a product to solve or improve furniture or objects we daily use. It is not to be compared any more with the definitions of design as in the 19th of 20th century. In the 21st century design looks from a different context, is cross disciplines and focused on society. Design or art, or something in between; we focus on an open approach of design.
Design also has the function to thing about our common future, discuss about issues, to reflect identities, to dwell on our daily culture and to experiment with new technologies.
By organising activities and exhibitions we want to show how design has its role in the development of our cultural heritage of the 21st century and how we can shape our future.



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