The students of the 2nd internship learn about circular design with Nutcreatives

On February 26, Àlex Jiménez from the design studio Nutcreatives, visited the students of the second internship of our project, in Vilanova (Barcelona). He presented his company and the philosophy that guide their projects, always trying to improve the environmental and the social impact through design.

He also showed some basic eco-innovation principles that the students will learn during their internship, and he showed some examples of projects developed by Nutcreatives over the last years.

The last third of the presentation was focused on explaining the template created by Nutcreatives to showcase the different case studies. The students also had the chance to know the first case study of the Best Practices Publication that is about to be released, Sea2see eyewear, an eyewear brand that applies a wide range of strategies in order to become more circular, by using recycled plastic that comes from fishing nets as the main raw material.



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