Circular Design Internships presented in Limerick within DRS2018 conference

On June 26th, the development of Circular Design Internships was presented in Limerick (Ireland) within the Design Research Society Conference 2018 (DRS 2018 Limerick), introducing the collaborative action research framework adopted by project partners to develop and implement internship programmes in Ireland, Catalonia, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Yekta Bakırlıoğlu, postdoctoral researcher in University of Limerick, was the person in charge of explaining the development of Circular Design internships, highlighting the learning outcomes, fundamentals of developing the training programme and their relation to other aspects of the Circular Design project, like OER Database.

The theme of DRS 2018 Limerick – Catalyst – has been focused on the role of design as a catalyst of change and how design flourishes in a state of flux, providing a platform of discussion around the changing territorial contexts of design locally, nationally and transnationally. The conference was hosted by University of Limerick (UL) and Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD).



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