The 5th case study: the Cool Downlight by Simon, a new way to increase efficiency of downlights

The Cool Downlight by Simon manages to offer a more compact size and a reduction of components while increasing the efficiency of downlights with its new design. Its design also facilitates assembly and disassembly.

The product offers excellent light dispersion thanks to a bespoke patented design. Another patent resulted from the heat dissipation system, devised to remove the radiator and thus reduce the height of the overall lamp. The Cool downlight was designed to have the fastest possible assembly and disassembly and therefore, does not employ any adhesive or fasteners and instead, all the attachments are magnetic. This facilitates maintenance and recycling.

Through this design, Simon has achieved some of the most important design and sustainability awards such as the Plus X Award, the Red Dot Award, the IF Design Award and Premi Catalunya d’Ecodisseny. It has also become a benchmark in the market which only demonstrates that the company’s approach to efficiency at all levels has been a success.

Do you want to learn more about Cool Downlight?

Download the Cool Downlight case study and learn about the whole design process, materials, challenges, problems, etc. The Best Practice Publication, led by the design studio Nutcreatives in collaboration with the other partners of the Circular Design project, will be completed with other case studies within sectors like technology, furniture, clothing, lighting or packaging, to demonstrate that circular design strategies can be applied to improve the efficiency of almost every system.



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