The Circularity Indicators

“The Circularity Indicators Project provides companies with a methodology and tools to assess how well a product or company performs in the context of a circular economy, allowing companies to estimate how advanced they are on their journey from linear to circular.

Companies increasingly see opportunity in circular economy business models, which allow them to capture additional value from their products and materials, and mitigate risks from material price volatility and material supply.

The developed indicators consist of the Material Circularity Indicator, measuring how restorative the material flows of a product or company are, and complementary indicators that allow additional impacts and risks to be taken into account.

The indicators may be used by product designers, as well as for internal reporting, procurement decisions, and the evaluation or rating of companies.” from Ellen MacArthur website.

The toolkit has files on methodology, project overview report, a collection of non-technical case studies, an Excel-based model at the product level, and a spreadsheet at the company level.

Creator: Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Granta Design Year: 2015

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  1. The Circularity Indicators Project

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