Delft Design Guide

“The design methods presented in this collection of articles can be very useful for you as a designer, both during your time as a student and as a practitioner. Our aim is that you will use it as a source and reference during and after your design education to gradually build a repertoire of different ways of approaching the design of products…The Delft Design Guide (DDG) originated as the Bachelor Design Guide, a collection of materials from the design curriculum at the Delft University of Technology. A digital version of the revised Delft Design Guide (including video clips) has been available at TU Delft OpenCourseWare since 2010.” from Delft Design Guide website.

Creators (Editors): Annemiek van Boeijen, Jaap Daalhuizen Year: 2010

External Links: 

  1. Delft Design Guide in WikiD
  2. Delft Design Guide on TU Delft OpenCourseWare
  3. Delft Design Guide on BIS Publishers

Reference# 02.02.07

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