First-timers Section Explained

If you are looking at this page, you are either a design student or new to design for sustainability and circular economy. To get you a little bit more knowledgeable about sustainability and Circular Economy, and to find out what you can do for sustainability, you should first start with the basics and then introduce yourselves with many approaches to design to expand your perspective.

1.1. The Basics: In this section, you will find many OERs ever since the sustainable development was first defined back 1987 up to the latest definition of Circular Economy. A piece of advice: go through all of them to understand how all these theoretical work evolved into Circular Design.

1.2. Indexes and Reports: There are many different indexes that are available online in order to make it visible how our current lifestyles affect the planet. These indexes take into account many variables and help assess our quality of life from a sustainability perspective.

1.3. Approaches to Design for Sustainability: The second step in understanding what you can do through design. Different design approaches tackling with different sustainability issues.

1.4. Inspirational Examples & Experiments: See some examples, broaden your perspective on what can be possible.


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