Practitioners Section Explained

If you are on this section, either you have gone through the First-timers section, or you already have knowledge on circular design and sustainability in general and want to find out how you can apply its aspects to your design practice. This section is divided into the following sub-categories:

2.1. Preparing a Design Brief: learn how to prepare and/or interpret a design brief for sustainability.

2.2. Understanding the Context: Research tools and methods that can be used by Design Practitioners

2.3. Tools for Design Practice: The tools you can utilize to reflect Circular Economy principles to your design practice. The tools are wide-ranging and correspond to different stages of design process, or methods to be applied to the whole of the design process.

2.4. Materials & Production Techniques: Online resources available to inform material selection and production techniques.

2.5. Best Practices: Examples from Best Practice Publications and other reports provided by companies all around the world.

2.6. Active Communities & Networks: Active design communities that you can follow and participate.

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