“Let us introduce the Use2Use Design Toolkit – a set of tools that can be used to design for circular consumption and address the challenges that such consumption processes entail. In contrast to other available circular design tools, this toolkit emphasises the importance of exploring opportunities for product circularity from a user perspective. It aids designers and other agents to embrace a Use2Use mindset and explore user needs, identify consumption-related design challenges, and design products and services that can create enabling preconditions that make it more preferable for people to circulate products from use to use.

The toolkit includes five mind-expanding packs designed to boost product circularity by aiding the development of products and services fit for circular consumption processes. The five tools are suitable to use in the early phases of a user-centred design process and can be used consecutively but also independently of each other.” from Use2Use website

Creators:  Dr. Anneli Selvefors & Dr. Oskar Rexfelt, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden Year: 2019

External Links:

  1. Use2Use website
  2. Use2Use Toolkit

Reference# cfoer.02.03.05

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